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About TradeLion.com

Mr. Emory B. Miles founded TradeLion.com, as a new concept in strategic marketing management for American exporters, to provide one of the most cost-effective platforms for international trade on the Internet.

  • First, access TradeLion's TRADE LEADS network of over 300,000 companies, in over 200 countries outside the U.S., trading in over 6,500 SIC categories.

  • Then utilize TradeLion's seamless, cross-border trade finance and logistics solutions provided inside the "LION'S DEN TRADING HUB". (See our Mission Statement)

  • Perform due diligence research using the "TRADELION'S LIBRARY" and "TRADELION LINKS" sections.

  • Get daily in-country perspectives from "THE LATEST LION'S SHARE" Newsletter which focuses on Retailing, Wholesaling, Distributing, and Importing within 220 countries outside the U.S.

  • Over 10 years of international marketing planning, analysis and development by teams of experts is behind TradeLion.com's Strategic Marketing Management methodology. TradeLion.com's unique systems approach is effectively and strategically utilized to grow international companies into the New Global Economy seamlessly and efficiently. Here are some of our offerings with which you can enter the portals of the New Global Economic Order:


      Trends in international markets suggest that sustained competitiveness demands a globalized market strategy which leverages successful sales into the international environment. Utilize our services to maximize your return on investment at a minimal cost to your organization.


      U.S. markets are no longer the exclusive domain of U.S. firms. TradeLion.com's experience demonstrates that even the most sensitive U.S. electronics technology has followed an accelerating trend toward internationalization. You can benefit immensely from our investments in this area at a minimal cost to your organization.


      For sustained growth, a strong competitive position must be established in the largest and fastest growing segments of your market, both domestically and abroad. Our value-added system allows you to take advantage of maximum benefits with minimal expenses.


      In order to transition U.S. domestic market success into the international environment, you must politicize your marketing approach and tailor your bid package to the underlying political, economic and societal factors which shape international procurement decisions. (See the "LION'S DEN TRADING HUB").

    Above you see an outline of TradeLion.com's "PASSPORT TO THE NEW GLOBAL ECONOMY". If you are interested in any of the topics addressed on our site, we urge you to register with TradeLion.com, and begin to reap the benefits of being on the cutting edge of strategic global organization.

    See how we do what we do for exporters. But first, subscribe to TradeLion.com's "PASSPORT TO THE NEW GLOBAL ECONOMY". Enjoy leveraging the most cost-efficient international trade platform available today.

    Upon completion of your registration, you will be granted access to the complete "PASSPORT TO THE NEW GLOBAL ECONOMY".

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