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TradeLion.com Mission Statement

The mission and purpose of TradeLion.com is to provide a one-stop shopping environment for international trade organizations via the Internet. This "shopping environment" provides membership-based information system focusing on international trade, complete with a comprehensive range of international trade-related resources (including TradeLion's "Latest Lion's Share" Newsletter) and links to the most vibrant and forward-reaching global trade sites. TradeLion.com also offers a fee-based, online database with international trade leads, fee-based networking chat rooms, and options to purchase trade-related sources which will benefit your organization at a minimal cost relative to the return on your investment.

TradeLion.com provides interactive strategic global trade marketing, management and financing, including downloadable trade leads, bulletin board access, and point-to-point, seamless trade finance and logistics options.

Through alliances and license agreements with established international trade marketing, advertising and management companies, we are establishing the world's most complete one-stop shopping site for global trading, including constantly-updated downloadable trade leads, marketing services, and global trade finance options. TradeLion.com offers the most pertinent news, events, seminars, books, and videos available for six geo-region specific global trade issues. We are in the process of completing a patented global trade transaction hub community in conjunction with the leading global B2B E-Commerce solutions providers. Our trade partnering and financing solutions are tailored to the needs and requirements of each participant and will remain dynamic to accommodate future changes as well. The TradeLion.com site features include the following:

TradeLion.com has established this site as a content-hub community serving as a centralized repository for content-based and transaction-management-oriented activities. TradeLion.com will assume the responsibility for developing and maintaining an international master catalog of multiple suppliers and buyers of products and services. TradeLion.com's content hub community builds and supports a metadata layer, and delivers a mechanism for cross-catalog searching. The TradeLion.com site acts as a transaction broker, maintaining, mapping, and translating communications protocols of all community participants at a central hub to enable transactions and communications between community members.

TradeLion.com and TradeLion.com international are trademarks of TradeLion.com, Inc. All other product, service and company names are trademarks, registered trademarks or service marks of their respective owners.


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