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- TradeLion.com Phases I and II

Established as the e-commerce affiliate of Global Services Foundation, Inc. (incorporated in 1991), TradeLion.com's business model consists of two phases:

Phase I

TradeLion.com Phase I provides a membership based, international trade focused information system, complete with a comprehensive range of international trade-related resources and links. It further offers fee-based, online databases with international trade leads, e-based marketing services, a forward/reverse auction trading hub, regional networking message forums, and the ability to purchase trade-related books/information sources.

Phase II

Phase II plans include upgrading TradeLion.com by transforming it's community into a streamlined hub that will serve as a centralized repository for content and transaction management activities. TradeLion.com shall develop and maintain a master catalog of multiple suppliers and buyers of products and services. The content/transaction-hub community shall build and support a metadata layer, and deliver a mechanism for cross-catalog searches. TradeLion.com shall further serve as a transaction broker, maintaining, mapping, and translating communications protocols of all community participants at a central hub to enable transactions and communications among community members.

TradeLion.com and TradeLion.com international are trademarks of TradeLion.com, Inc. All other product, service and company names are trademarks, registered trademarks or service marks of their respective owners.

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