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Welcome to TradeLion.com, the ultimate one-stop shop for online international trade. Use TradeLion.com to identify buyers for your company's products worldwide, or to find international suppliers of goods you wish to import and/or distribute.

Technological trends in international markets suggest that sustained competitiveness demands a globalized market strategy which leverages successful sales into the international environment. As ventures, teaming arrangements and demands for a "two way street" multiply, U.S. firms must integrate their marketing approach with available technology platforms in order to reduce overhead, sustain market share, and grow their markets worldwide.

To support our growing client base, TradeLion.com has developed a unique systems approach to strategic planning and marketing functions to focus our clients' resources on selected market targets in the areas of greatest competitive advantage to them.

Please enjoy reviewing our powerful new site and take advantage of the numerous benefits of TradeLion.com membership.

Free Registration / Member Login

First, members should complete the Free Registration for Membership Form in order create their own personal account. Prior to registration, you must agree to the TradeLion.com Terms of Use Agreement. You will then be asked to create your own password for your account. Upon successful completion of your Registration for Membership Form, you will be able to select from a range of free-trial subscriptions of international trade-related journals. The selected free-trial issues will be sent to the address you indicate in your Membership Registration Form (prefer at your company's business address). Registered members will then be allowed access to TradeLion.com's "Passport to the New Global Economy," a comprehensive analysis of how to structure your company's global marketing strategy. Also, if you choose, you can elect to receive the automated TradeLion.com Newsletter, which provides insights into the most pertinent global trade issues.

TradeLion Links

This module allows you to conduct your international trade and marketing planning research using TradeLion.com's comprehensive and constantly-updated listing of international trade-related site links. These resources can assist you in conducting due diligence research on potential partners you identify via TradeLion.com. Access research resources and credit reports on potential partners identified via the TRADE LEADS section or connected within the LION'S DEN TRADING HUB, or you wish to call, fax, email or mail them your catalog. In addition, some of the TRADELION LINKS provide overseas meeting facilities, and other means of venture planning and finance which provide a comprehensive and secure platform for cross-border transactions.

TradeLion.com Message Forums

Registered members enjoy access to multiple geo-region-specific subscription/fee based message forums (with access restrictions). Each board room addresses regional trade-related issues.
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Trade Leads

The Trade Leads module is accessible only to registered members.(click here to register) Members are allowed to purchase and access (via AMEX/VISA/Mastercard) region-specific databases in order to access TradeLion's network of over 350,000 companies, in over 200 countries, trading in over 6,200 SIC-based product categories. A world map is divided into colored-coded regions representing databases of business/trade leads that can be downloaded to your computer.

Using the "shopping cart" principle, the Trade Leads module allows TradeLion.com's registered members to select and purchase any or all of a number of geo-region-specific trade leads. You can select or remove region-specific databases from your "shopping cart" to recalculate your total cost. The total cost of your purchase will be discounted by 20% for each region added to your "shopping cart" after the second region selected for purchase. You can add or remove regions from your cart to recalculate the total cost of your purchase. As an incentive, a 30% discount will be applied to your transaction if you purchase all regional databases offered. Prior to completing your transaction, you must review and accept the TradeLion.com Terms of Use Agreement. You will be allowed to download your purchased text files a maximum of three times within 7 (seven) days of your initial purchase (accessible via your member account).
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The Lion's Den Trading Hub

The Lion's Den Trading Hub is a global business-to-business marketplace created by TradeLion.com. It is a tool for you to create forward and reverse auctions, further described below, with other importers and exporters, through SIC-based posting in over 6,200 industry categories. It is also a resource of pre-qualified import and export trade leads, because posting access is limited to registered members.

Registration grants you access to the international network you may browse, to support your business activities.

Create a forward auction by placing your items for sale here. Create a reverse auction by placing your requests to buy here and letting vendors/suppliers bid for the most competitive package they can offer your enterprise. Visit The Lion's Den Trading Hub to see our current fees.

Utilize the TRADELION LINKS page to assist you in completing any due diligence you may wish to undertake on parties you identify via TradeLion's TRADE LEADS section in order to make your exclusive membership in the LION'S DEN TRADING HUB more effective and profitable.

Access research resources and credit reports on potential partners identifed via the TRADE LEADS section or introduced to via the LION'S DEN TRADING HUB, or you may wish to call, fax, or email them, or simply mail them your catalog.

In support of your objectives as a member of the the LION'S DEN TRADING HUB, our TRADELION LINKS section introduces you to an exclusive and comprehensive set of venues for global meeting facililties, venture planning, and trade finance which provide a secure web-based platform for cross-border transactions.

TradeLion's Library

This module does not require Membership Registration, but will allow members to interface with TradeLion.com's affiliation with Amazon.com. Members will be allowed to select from and purchase a wide range of information sources pertaining to international commerce and trade in a variety of selectable regions and countries.

TradeLion.com and TradeLion.com international are trademarks of TradeLion.com, Inc. All other product, service and company names are trademarks, registered trademarks or service marks of their respective owners.

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