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Trade Leads by International Region
(Price: $0.14 per lead)

The TRADE LEADS module is accessible only to Registered Members.(click here to register) Registered Members can purchase region/industry-specific databases in order to access our network of over 350,000 companies, in over 200 countries, trading in over 6,200 SIC-based product categories.

Visit below our map of regional business prospects and trade leads that can be downloaded to your computer. The TRADE LEADS module allows TradeLion.com's Registered Members to purchase from a select variety of geo/industry-specific trade leads. Members' purchases are discounted by 20% for each region added to your "shopping cart" after the second region selected for purchase. Add or remove regions from your cart to recalculate the total cost of your purchase. As an incentive, a 30% DISCOUNT will be applied to your transaction if you purchase all six regions of TRADE LEADS currently offered by TradeLion.com.

Prior to completing your transaction, you must review and accept the TradeLion.com Terms of Use Agreement. You will be allowed to download your purchased text files a maximum of three times within 7 (seven) days of your initial purchase (accessible via your member account).

Don't forget to utilize the the TRADELION LINKS section to assist you in conducting any due diligence research of potential trading partners you identify here. For example, you can access research resources and credit reports on potential partners found here in the TRADE LEADS module, or you may wish to call, fax or email them, or simply mail them a copy of your catalog, using TradeLion's TRADE LEADS database. In addition, the TRADELION LINKS section provides info on global meeting facilities for venture planning and seamless and secure global B2B platforms for transactions with partners you access via the LION'S DEN TRADING HUB.

Canadian Business & Industry European Business & Industry European Business & Industry
Asian Business & Industry
African & Mideast Business & Industry Asian Business & Industry
Central & South American Business & Industry
Pacific & Australian Business & Industry
Region # of Leads
Canadian 46,692
European 221,462
Asian 93,559
Central & South America 49,428
Pacific & Australian 15,722
African & Mideast 40,799
United States 50,629
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